“All the privilege I claim for my own sex, is that of loving longest, when existence or when hope is gone!”

Zayn’s mum posted this picture of Nina and Audrey, Zayn’s godchildren! The mum is a really good friend of Zayn’s family

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literally i cannot actually imagine meeting one direction like what do u do what happens afterwards how do you live like everything after that is downhill your life could never be better than it was in that moment 


Harry during Louis’ solo in Strong x

Harry having some chest pain/discomfort during BSE :( 



4/5 of One Direction do the ice bucket challenge. Donate here.

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How Liam Payne fucking killed me at the 9/13 Rose Bowl Concert


Okay I’m gonna finally explain the Liam Payne thing at last night’s One Direction concert even though I kinda forgot what happened because I was in a daze and everything is a blur and I’m not sure how I’m alive. 

So like first, I don’t remember what song it was, but Liam came to our side and sang to our section, and it was really cute and we were all freaking the fuck out. We were in A3, Row 22, right next to the catwalk, and a reasonable distance from the main stage. 

And then like, he walked around a decent amount but things did not truly get fucked up for me till they performed Through the Dark. I’m not gonna go super into it, but basically it’s my favorite MM song and it has a lot of emotional significance for me. And I kinda cried through the whole song? Luckily the band stayed on the main stage for that song so it wasn’t that embarrassing, haha. But like, the next 2-3 songs over I was emotionally overwhelmed and just amazed. I have the tendency to not be really expressive emotionally; when I’m excited, I usually seem upset or on the verge of tears even though I’m totally 100% okay and really happy, I just get overwhelmed and look like I’m gonna implode. 

I guess it doesn’t translate that way? Because later on during the concert, Liam came to our side again, and he saw me “looking” upset and like, so he frowned at me and made a “smile” motion towards me with his finger over his mouth, and I was just like WHAT??? HE IS LOOKING AT ME???? And I thought that was it, I was like, FUCK Liam sang to our side AND he was trying to cheer me up (I was fine tho, but haha), this is it, this is the most amazing concert experience ever and I can go home remembering this forever.

Nope. Payno had other plans for me.

Throughout the rest of the concert, he’d REPEATEDLY made eye contact with me, trying to make me smile, whether it was winking at me, or sticking his tongue out at me. I shit you not, this happened like AT LEAST five times, probably more, because I seriously lost count? But the kicker was during Little Things (I think, I need to rewatch a video of it bc I might’ve forgotten due to emotional stress).

When they were all sitting down for the song, they were wiping themselves off with the towels. And first, Liam threw one of the towels into the crowd. BUT THEN, BUT THEN, he took another clean towel from the bucket, and he looked down at it, like he was gonna give it away, but then had this “oh, right” kind of expression, wiped it on his forehead, THEN, he looked at the security guard and called him over, looked at me, THEN POINTED AT ME, TWICE, LIKE “Give it to her, TO HER” AND… THE SECURITY GUARD CAME UP TO ME? I FELT LIKE THE RED SEA PARTED? I ACTUALLY TOOK A STEP BACK bc I was like, there is no way he means me. There is no way, he must mean one of the girls next to me?? AND the crowd around me almost had a collective gasp bc I just stood there STUNNED and I had like 6 girls patting my back and going OH MY GOD because Liam Payne personally gave me his towel and I was like???? THE FUCK????? I just couldn’t believe it and I ended up holding onto the towel for the rest of the concert.

And then like, he made eye contact with me a few times during other songs and smiled and stuff, and it wasn’t until they were walking around for their final bow after Best Song Ever, he walked by our side against and made eye contact with me, so I mustered up all the collective emotional energy I had and mouthed “thank you” and smiled at him AND HE GAVE ME THE CUTEST GRIN LIKE HIS EYES CRINKLED UP AND MOUTHED “YOU’RE WELCOME” AND I???? WAS FUCKING DEAD????

So to sum up the experience: Liam Payne fucking killed me at the One Direction concert last night.

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  • Ed: guys I wrote a song for you
  • Niall: whats it called
  • Ed: Steal My Girl
  • Niall: :/
  • Liam: :)
  • Ed: :)))

Niall & Harry on The Today Show

rosebowl, california 
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