“All the privilege I claim for my own sex, is that of loving longest, when existence or when hope is gone!”

I cannot begin to explain how much this gif literally explains Mine and Lexi’s relationship. lol she’s always the wilder, crazy, don’t give two effs about what others think of her, and I’m the more quiet, reserved, cover my face with my hand because, its not embarrassing but it is, and the minute I saw Lexi re-posted this last night, i was like literally laughing. and i needed it because I was working on a paper that was already late (i procrastinated) and then that like made me smile :)

Lexi, I miss you so much! i was at chapel and they played, crap i cant remember the name but it was the one where it says “son of man, son of righteousness” and I was like this is Lexi’s song and she’s not here to dance to it and make me feel a little embarrassed but she’d still be dancing and stuff.

I’m sorry guys, I’m just having Lexi withdrawals.

*Rant done* (although there’s more but i don’t want to annoy you guys)

I’m off to sleep to see if this sickness will go away before work.

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    thank you! i dont usually get sick but this time its just ugh..hahaahahaha yes! she’d totes be doing that!
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    get well my Directioner/University bestie Pam :*( P.S. Jess is the awkwardly smiling “I dont know either of them” girl...
  6. aleximis said: PAM DONT MAKE ME CRY!!! 8’D lol but yeah when i saw it last night i was like “why does that look really familiar?” lol like i swear this exact scene happened sometime last year lol. i miss you too though!!!! X(
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